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Discussion on Neck-Body Joint Construction

Recently there was an interesting article in Premiere guitar magazine on neck-body construction and a corresponding sound features comparison. The focus of the article was mainly on the “sustain” factor. To me the approach makes a nice header title …

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30th anniversary

On 08 January has been our 30th anniversary. 2.716 instruments sold all around the world, some for top world renowned players, some others for incredibly passioned Manne fans. No time for celebrations, just new challenges and work to do. I …

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Concept of progress

It is happening more and more often that I stop and wonder about what is supposed to be considered progress. Looks like there is a supposed progress (that is indeed well marketed like that) and a progress I can rely …

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Tone Character of the Electric Guitar

article published on the catalog of 2016 Holy Grail Guitar Show , organized by EGB European Guitar Builders.   It’s a very common opinion among players that the tone of the electric guitar is mostly created and shaped by the pick-ups. And …

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The Manne Difference

I have been privileged to act as the U.S. distributor for Manne Guitars during the past 10+ years. Acting in this role, I have learned many things about the guitar business. Today, there many boutique guitar makers throughout the world. …

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Manne Direct Shop

We are working on a webstore to offer direct shopping to customers worldwide. Is available on the Manne website at Instruments are available also on We will add available instruments, special offers and exclusive instruments.    

Manne instruments of ’80 & ’90

New FB page for “vintage” Manne instruments from the ’80 and ’90. We will add old pictures, and when available, pictures sent by owners.

Interview on creativity

For those who read italian only Thanks to Fabio Artoni

Guitar Exchange Interview

“Andrea ‘Manne’ Ballarin is a benchmark of Italian lutherie, intended as art, tradition and innovation; an industry’s cornerstone at trade shows and exhibitions, whether in Italy or abroad. His guitars were compared to Ferrari, icon of the ‘Made In Italy’ standard …

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The theft of 12 Manne instruments

On 31 July agents of the investigation department of the penal section of Municipal Poznan (Poland) Police, arrested seven men suspected to be the responsible for the theft of 200,000 euros in music instruments and musical goods. The theft occurred …

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