“Non pensavo di volere un’altra chitarra. Ma questa non è un’altra chitarra. E’ una Acustivibe, ed onestamente mi mancava. Grazie Andrea! E’ un gioiello, per timbro, [...]


Piezo at nut

Manne Taos with piezo at nut was presented by Carlo Siega on International Journal of Music Science, Technology and Art. https://www.ijmsta.com/archive_card.php?id=74 From the ‘other [...]


Dream bass report

Dream(Bass) come true!! From Manne a prototype becomes a production model .. the musician Satir tells his story .. “The question they asked me most often is “why Manne?” Simple, [...]


Multi instruments

Multi instruments has been created with ideas and inputs of Daniele Camarda and manne experience and solutions. We started from the “Ergonomic model” we created to be able to find [...]


Manne Guitar Model for Ergonomics

About the Manne Guitar Model for Ergonomics: MANNE GUITAR MODEL FOR ERGONOMICS Here is an expanatory Video: https://youtu.be/47kUljFpIpY Here is a nice interview by Pietro Paolo Falco for [...]


PFEC “Piccole Dolomiti” Chestnut

We are currently using Italian chestnut for the body is harvested from the woods surrounding Schio, in the “piccole dolomiti”, the smallest certified wood area in the world. PFEC news: Manne [...]


Acustivibe presentation

Music by Horea Crisovan , Video by Marco Ballarin . Since October 2010 we developed the concept of Controlled dumping for Acustivibe. The use of elements carefully placed under the bridge gave [...]



Federico Malaman  with his Vibrabass Marco Fanton with his T-Bone SWD https://youtu.be/iFm5rw9Ihd0 T-bone SWD   Marco Fanton with the Taos yellow tiger


Manne for Soundwave distribution

SWD is a new line of Manne instruments, produced from scratch in our shop in Schio, Italy, which will be distributed in brick and mortar shops by Soundwave distribution. Although sold at a [...]



Article (in Italian) of Cats – Mensile del Giornale di Vicenza cats