Bass Components



All available neck sizes and shapes.

Bass Pick-ups

B These pickups are hand-wound directly on the blade rather than on bobbins. This gives the pickup an extraordinary sensitivity to playing nuances. The tone is more “musical” and it highlights your touch with great dynamic extension.

The two coils can be connected in series or parallel giving you two calibrated sounds: the fatter and warm sound when in serial connection and a brighter, sharper sound when in parallel. Compared to the usual split/coil, the series-parallel wiring always uses both coils, so it will always perform noise cancellation, being in humbucking mode in both connections.

Bass Minihumbuckers JHR
N(neck): R: 6,64K – I: 5,2H;
B(bridge): R 6,76K – I: 4,7H

J Used on: Trea

J-CD (covered) model

Powerful Alnico Jazz bass sound
Pole-Pieces type: Fixed
Magnet: Alnico rod
Bobbin: Fiber materials
Cable: Two conductor cloth
Edge cutting : Yes

4 Strings Bridge
D.C.Ohm(k): 7.95, Inductance(L): 3.57, Pole-pieces Spacing: 19.4 mm
Tone chart(Low):10,(Mid-low):11
(Mid-high):11, (High):9

4 Strings Neck
D.C.Ohm(k): 7.60, Inductance(L): 3.44, Pole-pieces Spacing: 18.6 mm
Tone chart(Low):10,(mid-low):11
(Mid-high):11, (High):9

5 Strings Bridge
D.C.Ohm(k): 6.65, Inductance(L): 3.63
Tone chart(Low):10,(Mid-low):11
(Mid-high):11, (High):9

5 Strings Neck
D.C.Ohm(k): 6.45, Inductance(L): 3.53
Tone chart(Low):10,(Mid-low):11
(Mid-high):11, (High):9

S Used on: Moab and Newport with MM humbucker

S Model

We use this pickup just in the neck position
Powerful Ceramic Jazz bass sound
Fixed pole pieces
Single coil wiring
Fiber material bobbin
Ceramic Magnet Bar
Pole-pieces Spacing : 16.8 mm
Two conductor with shield 200 mm length

4 Strings
Pole-Pieces type: Fixed
D.C.Ohm(k): 3.97, Inductance(L): 3.59
Tone chart(Low):11,(Mid-low):10
(Mid-high):10, (High):11

5 Strings
D.C.Ohm(k): 5.25, Inductance(L): 5.42
Tone chart(Low):11,(Mid-low):10
(Mid-high):10, (High):11

PJ Used on: Soulmover, Moab

PJ Model

We use this pickup just in the neck position
Powerful Ceramic Jazz bass sound
Fixed pole pieces
Single coil wiring
Fiber material bobbin
Ceramic Magnet Bar
Pole pieces Spacing: 16.8 mm
Two conductor with shield 200 mm length

4 Strings: Pole-Pieces type : Fixed
D.C.Ohm(k): 3.97, Inductance(L): 3.59
Tone chart(Low):11,(Mid-low):10
(Mid-high):10, (High):11

5 Strings:
D.C.Ohm(k): 5.25, Inductance(L): 5.42
Tone chart(Low):11,(Mid-low):10
(Mid-high):10, (High):11

MM Used on: Moab and Newport

PJ Model

Pole-pieces type: Fixed
Magnet: Alnico rods
Bobbin: Fiber materials
Cable: Four conductor with shield
Bottom plate: N/A
Position: Neck and Bridge

4 Strings:
D.C.Ohm(k): 4.66, Inductance(L): 1.98
Tone chart(Low):12, (Mid-low):11
(Mid-high):11, (High):14

5 Strings:
D.C.Ohm(k): 5.80, Inductance(L): 2.34
Tone chart(Low):12,(Mid-low):13
(Mid-high):13, (High):14

6 Strings:
D.C.Ohm(k): 6.12, Inductance(L): 2.55
Tone chart(Low):14,(Mid-low):13
(Mid-high):13, (High):14

SB Used on: Acoustibass or on Moab on request

SB Humbuckers

BT4 / BT5 / BT6
Powerful Ceramic sound
Hum canceling wiring
Ceramic Magnet Bar

Maximum string Spacing:
4 strings: 90.00 mm
5 strings: 91.75 mm
6 strings: 79.00 mm

Piezo Pick-up


Used on: Acoustibass and Semiacustica

The piezo pick-up we use is specially handmade for us. It has superior performance, with a linear response that lets us use it on all our piezo instruments such as Acoustibass, Semiacustica, Nylon Semiacustica and we use it also on acoustic and classic guitars.

pwrc= 0,45 mA +/- 20%.
Bandwidth: 2 Hz – 200 kHz with 100kOhm / 30 pF and 100 mVrms output voltage.
Noise: 132 dB / 1V non filtered and 142 dB / 1V class A filter.
Distortion: 20 Hz – 20 kHz less than 0,1%.
Loads/elec. side: > 10 kOhm / 1000 pF.

Bass Bridges

M Used on: Moab ,Trea, Mojave, Newport Special and Soulmover Active.

M Manne Bass Bridges

Available for 4 strings (gold, chrome and black), 5 strings (chrome and black) and 6 strings (black only).

The saddles have hardened material, 3D-adjustable and lockable. Solid Brass body. It is possible to have strings through the body or standard attachment.
Proprietary string entrance groove. This bridge enhances harmonics and sustain. It gives a better transmission of vibrations to the body of the instrument.

Finish: Chrome and Cosmo Black

P Used on: Acoustibass

P Manne Piezo Bridge

Aluminum body with brass saddles. saddles give independent pressure on the piezo and are precisely build to match our fingerboard radius specification. Available for 4, 5 or 6 string versions.

T Used on: Newport satin, Malibu 5

TC Classic Bass Bridge

Available for 4 and 5 string versions

Finish: Chrome

W4 Wilkinson WBBC

Perfect reproduction of vintage barrel bridge style with Brass saddles. On 4 strings Malibu.

Finish: Chrome

I Individual Bass Saddle

Finish: Chrome

Bass Tuners

TMB Manne Tuners
A good compromise between the vintage feel and modern construction.

Ratio 1:20

Passive Bass Circuit

P Volume, Volume, Tone. Series/Parallel pushpulls with humbucker pickups.

With Blades minihumbucker 2 microswitches for 3 sounds for each pick-up:

  • series (hot)
  • parallel (normal)
  • split (Vshape)


Passive 5 knobs circuit for bass – minihumbuckers pickups.

P5k Volume, Volume, 3Tone, 2 rotary selectors


Two Volumes, one each pickup .

3Tone control :

  • In the center is open (standard sound).
  • Turning is counterclockwise is a normal passive tone, cutting the hights.
  • Turning it clockwise is a mid filter, cuts slightly the bass and hights, giving the impression of a mid boost.

see description:

2 selectors for 3 sounds on each pick-up:

  • serie(hot, warm sound)
  • parallel (normal flat sound )
  • split (Vshape sounds, lower basses, higher trebles)


Active Bass Circuit

A 3-band active/passive switchable (with the Volume push/pull), balance-pot with dip in center-position, treble-pot in active mode +/- 18 dB@18 KHz, in passive mode acting as classical highcut, bass +/- 14 dB@40 Hz, mid +/- 9 dB@550 Hz, connection for 9 volt battery.

Due to the high-performance electronics, when eq is in flat position you can’t hear any difference between active and passive modes!

Controls: Volume push/pull for active (normal position) or passive (raised position); Balance (with a click when in center position); High, Mid, Low eq with a click when in the central position – flat output.

When the circuit is in passive mode (Volume pot in raised position), the High tone control acts as a passive tone control starting from the flat position (central) and turning towards the attenuation direction (counterclockwise).

A With blade pickups
A TREA Circuit

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