Vintage and serials

Manne Guitars produced about two thousand instruments over two decades. All of them were completely, or mainly, hand built, so each piece has its own character and features and can stand out as a single unique piece. In this page we will try to put together some pictures of older guitars, to figure out our evolution and our progressive refinements.

see Facebook manne aged collection for Manne vitage instruments.

Our Serial Numbers

Our current serial numbers are defined by the following pattern:

year (two digits) – month (two digits) – progressive yearly instrument’s number (three digits).

For example 0111138 means that the instrument was built in 2001 (01), in the month of November (11) and was the 138th built in that year.
This rule is working on all instruments we produced since January 1995, and the first instrument using this system was the s/n 9501006.

From February 1992 to January 1995, with the introduction of the Bolty, Basic and Taos models, the numbering had a separate progression for each model following the pattern:
progressive number of the series (two or three digits) – month (two digits) – year (two digits).

The serial numbering of custom models (neck-through construction) with this same pattern was used from the beginning (January ’87) until April 1994, sometimes omitting the zero in the month number, until the final 243.04.94 serial number.

The instrument with the number 0510108, built in October ’05, was our 2000th.

Looking back: in ’98

Old models and features.

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