Here are five good reasons to be “Manne-ized”:

SOUND – Choose your sound, we have all the tools and formula to get near the tone you are looking for.  More infos on the sound page

QUALITY – From wood to pick-ups, from the engineering to the workmanship, our target is to offer high performing, reliable and highly-playable instruments. We keep refining the results, aiming to achieve the best. Quality, from our point of view, is not a first view precision but an inner development. It is developing a new bridge, such as the bass piezo bridge, to optimize the sound response, or developing a special neck construction to optimize long-term reliability.

ASSISTANCE – One e-mail and you will get in touch directly with the builder of your instrument. We simply wish to have all-satisfied customers! We spend a lot of time receiving comments, ideas from our customers and to supply suggestions, and to let them feel they are not alone out there…

ORIGINALITY – Original for the form and for the substance, not just to impress, but to give a better player/instrument interface, to improve the playability and enlarge the sonic capabilities. Check out our bodies: they assure good balance, access to upper frets and, last but not the least, unique aesthetics. Take our Semiacustica or Acoustibass: they are one-of-a-kind instruments, on the cutting edge of the sonic frontier. Where does this come from ? It comes from many years of work away from the usual luthier’s attitude of buying readymade parts or copying others. Italy is not an island but we have an evolution typical of large islands. We found our way on our own. So the results are … different.

FEEL – Our instruments have a special feel. Anyone testing an instrument perceives it. It is the result of small details as in the location of the strap holders, the shaping of bodies, the shaping of necks and the fretboard work. We have some players who report a real “addiction”, foregoing their old axes and continuing to enlarge their Manne family!

Convinced? Still Curious? Well …. you passed the tests! Go on studying the site!

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