To Paulownia or not to Paulownia?

  To paulownia or not to paulownia? I took inspiration from a discussion of guitar Youtubers, trying to “counterinform”, not for the spirit of counterpoint but rather to offer [...]



“Dietro il titolo di maestro artigiano” articolo di Gianni Rojatti per Accordo (in italiano)   video Confartigianato https://fb.watch/9YydBfVRGb/https://fb.watch/9YydBfVRGb/


La notte della taranta

Enrico Melozzi: ” I usually conduct without a stick because it often represent a mere symbol of power and many repertoires don’t need it. In my opinion hands are enough. But in this [...]


Manne Guitar Model for Ergonomics

About the Manne Guitar Model for Ergonomics: MANNE GUITAR MODEL FOR ERGONOMICS Here is an expanatory Video: https://youtu.be/47kUljFpIpY Here is a nice interview by Pietro Paolo Falco for [...]


Manne for Soundwave distribution

SWD is a new line of Manne instruments, produced from scratch in our shop in Schio, Italy, which will be distributed in brick and mortar shops by Soundwave distribution. Although sold at a [...]



Article (in Italian) of Cats – Mensile del Giornale di Vicenza cats


Guitar prices and artisanal values

Here is a nice video from Juha Ruogangas on the subject of guitar prices: https://youtu.be/3HEh73Vp21k There are many great points both for guitar makers and for guitarists. Here is my comment on [...]


30th anniversary

On 08 January has been our 30th anniversary. 2.716 instruments sold all around the world, some for top world renowned players, some others for incredibly passioned Manne fans. No time for [...]


Concept of progress

It is happening more and more often that I stop and wonder about what is supposed to be considered progress. Looks like there is a supposed progress (that is indeed well marketed like that) and a [...]