The Manne Difference

I have been privileged to act as the U.S. distributor for Manne Guitars during the past 10+ years. Acting in this role, I have learned many things about the guitar business. Today, there many boutique guitar makers throughout the world. Many if not most of these builders are just recycling old “F” and “G” designs. To me, the important thing for a small builder is to be innovative, but unfortunately even the most successful and well known boutique builders in the US and Europe are simply building copies of older brands, with perhaps a few improvements in quality of materials, fit & finish and workmanship.

Although Andrea at Manne has also incorporated early designs into some of his instruments, his primary focus has been on “building a better mousetrap”, being creative and truly innovative in every aspect of guitar construction. This is much more than just using more impressive woods and materials or spraying a better finish than the big manufacturers.

Andrea has engaged in real design work over many years, which is what sets Manne apart from almost any other boutique builder. Even when he uses a vintage body shape, his neck/neck-body joint, fingerboard and even the body shape itself is designed much differently than the original, to provide much better playability, stability and balance.

Andrea’s work over a long period of time in the design, engineering and production of innovative circuits and pickups to produce incredible tone quality and range has been highly creative. This amazing work and craftsmanship at the highest level requires skill, experience, wide-ranging knowledge and most of all creativity. But it also requires deep passion for design, love of art and music, carrying on a great Italian tradition of many centuries. This is the real “Manne Difference”.

So help keep the tradition going. Check out a Manne instrument.

Richard Davidow, U.S. Distributor and Importer for Manne Guitars

Photo Chiara Zancan

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