VibraBass Federico Malaman Model

Federico Malaman  is one of the most followed and appreciated bass players worldwide.
We have known each other forever and now arrived the moment he needs a very special instrument.
It has been the right occasion to share the pleasure to cooperate on a brand new project.
“I always look for an instrument that is capable to mix the versatility of the electric bass with the warm sound of the doublebass. Thanks to the Manne VibraBass I found what I was looking for! Ideal for unplugged situations or for traditional jazz concerts.”.
The VibraBass “Malaman Model” is an instrument engineered with Federico to get a sound very similar to a doublebass but with a personal character and great playability. Has a 32-inch scale, a special dumping system to recreate a specific sound envelope and full easy access to upper frets (two octaves).



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