Report on the woody phantom bass

“The Woody Phantom 5 has just an essential piezoelectric pickup, Phantompowered.

Controls are: Volume, Passive Tone, Resistence Load Control, and a 6way selector for the high-cut.

The result is great: total control of tone, perfect balance between frequencies, lows and hights, linear midrange, and a 100% acoustic sound. The Piezo does not really sound like a piezo. I would compare its solidity more to a magnetic pickup.

All packed with 100% italian woods, perfect and optimal ergonomic with a tonal response and the handling of controls heading the top in the range with the best acclaimed American instruments.

Thanks Andrea Ballarin!

We tested the sounds the day before the concert with a very low volumes. I set flat the amp and I toggled around with the load control and the high-cut selector. Then before the concert, during the sound check raising the volume, things changed a lot. Raising the bass volume, keeping the amp in flat, I used just the resistance load control as if it were an active tone, and the high-cut resistance. Having more volume I took advantage of the full sensibility and efficient great dynamic.

The tone control can give other tone nuances, but just with the right hand, with the right touch, the tone flavors are all there available. In the mix the piezo in the bass comes out very good, a solid sound as if it were a magnetic, with full-bodied lows and singing highs, and with good definition playing chords.

While playing multiple notes, I truly appreciated the coherence of harmonics, the fundamentals of chords and absence resonating notes from the upper octave, a result not easy to achieve.

Not an instrument to substitute for the double bass, but to give a credible acoustic imprint to the sound, easy to handle for the player and for the one on the mixing desk.

Simone Barbiero

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