Dream bass report

Dream(Bass)  come true!! From Manne a prototype becomes a production model .. the musician Satir tells his story ..

“The question they asked me most often is “why Manne?”
Simple, I have always loved the Manne and their history, but I had many doubts, because I needed a tool suitable for me and my genre. Every car is good for going to work, but if you want to win a race or travel in the jungle you have to know what you need and I knew what I needed.
I was afraid of having, as with other brands, some models to try and being able to choose maybe just the color. Manne is not like that, it is not a simple instruments shop where you enter, try, buy and bye.
You are welcomed by the owner, the same who will then make your instrument, his passion for what he does is contagious.
Shows you his classic models, makes you try them calmly and observes how you play and what you look for in the sound, and choose the model you like best it’s just the starting point,
from there Andrea Ballarin drags you to understand what you need, what tone you want, how you prefer the neck, how the bass should respond under the fingers, etc.

Posted by Dyanonymous on Saturday, 28 March 2020


In the end the first multiscale Sedona by Manne was born, measures studied on my way of playing, woods chosen for the sound I wanted to reach and pick-up and electronics assembled and modified on my request.
I’m not a very fine type so I chose matt black everywhere, white LEDs on the keyboard in honor of my teacher Giorgio Terenziani, and a not really delicate sound. At the end I do metal !!!
Ballarin kept me involved in every step with a short video of where we had arrived with the tool,
we almost discussed for a few millimeters because he recommended me the magnets in a position to reach the sound I wanted in the meanwhile we have become friends.
After bringing the prototype to some fairs, seeing the success with Dyanonymous
and the amazement of those who have tried it the sedona multiscale series was born. unlike mine it will be very light, with pick-up and electronics more suitable for more sounds and in a comfortable position, measures adapted to the average and will be much more elegant.
Andrea Ballarin is not only a luthier, he creates the instrument you need.”

Satir from Dyanonymous




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