Restored Custom

I bought my Manne back in 1995. It was a beautiful, neck-thru Custom with two Duncans and a Floyd bridge. It’s sound was fantastic for rockblues and funk. I used it so much in those years. Then I had a musical forced-stop for 10 years. After than I reopened my case a few months ago and rediscovered my Manne still good but with some fixing to be done.

Years back a humbucker was installed instead of the two single coils, so a nasty routing was covered with a homemade pickguard, very bad looking. Then the finish was severely damaged and rubbed out by heavy playing and gallons of sweat I poured on it. The neck need to be adjusted.

So I contacted Andrea at Manne directly, who was surprised to reincounter one of the first Custom models made with tuners at the headstock and a Sycamore body. I decided to visit the shop so we arranged and agreed on the work to do, a real “face-lift” to rejuvenate this aged and worn guitar. The result was more than what I expected. The hand rubbed finish gave back the feel and beauty of the woods, giving a running fast neck with a pleasant touch. The new pickguard, appropriately designed, is so well matching without disturbing the original look. Playability went back to perfect, and the circuit working perfectly.

When I received the guitar I realized it has more sustain and bigger sound than ever, even without connecting to an amp.  With my Mesa it revealed another guitar, much greater harmonics, with an open sound and a wide range of tones to choose from. I’m sure the new finish gave it very good acoustic gain.

My compliments to Andrea! More an artist than a luthier!

Alberto Pellero

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