New Acoustibass bridge

The Acoustibass and Semiacustica, pioneering piezo/magnetic pickup blending, are two of our oldest models, produced and continously refined since ’94.

So here we are with a new upgrade for the Acoustibass, going further in our work on this groundbreaking bass concept.

We took advantage of lasercutting and CAD operated routers to engineer a new bridge which overcomes some problems and takes advantage of the very critical piezo pickup features. To maximize the performance of piezos, it is essential to control the saddle friction and arrange the pressure of the string in a proper way. The tonal response is strongly affected by several important factors, the most important of which is… our secret! We have been working on it from more than a decade so we keep it confidential, and its effect we reserved for just our customers.

So we designed a unique stacked construction for the bridge, to let it incorporate the preamp, the saddle holes and piezo elementpositioner. Then, associated to the bridge, where the strings come out on the top of the body (thru-body strings), we have refined the adjustable screws that control the angle of strings on the saddles.

So what were the results?

A recent customer was very happy when he came to collect his bass. But after some weeks of playing it, he wrote us: “It’s too cool! I couldn’t imagine it better than this. Thanks!”

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