The new “Acustica”

“Manne Acustica…Now that it is in my hands, I can say that is a small story of a dream come true?

I was looking for an instrument with the purity and warmth of an acoustic guitar and the versatility and the resonance of an electric guitar, and you, Mr. Manne, have been able to build it, going ahead my imagination and my expectations.

Visiting the “temptation kingdom” of the Manne showroom, expressing my wish, knowing that Mr. Manne already had an idea ready to become a prototype, was like a predetermined path I must follow.

After days (and nights) of dreams and impatient waiting, I saw the first pictures and… I can’t believe my eyeballs! The elegant beauty of the instrument and the quality of Poplar body top got to me at first sight. The happiness of owing a unique-in-the-world instrument doubled when I started playing my own music on it. The piezo is present and crystal clear, while magnetic is “woody” and warm.

It feel consistent, with character and voice, it is a pleasure to play as it rests close to the body with Manne’s usual resin fretboard playing comfort. It is solid with great vibration passed through to the body.

A beautiful instrument I ‘can’t wait to use it live, and for the upcoming recording of my band Albireon . It’s an instrument that I can use while discretely comping with a voice, but that can also be bold and stand on the first row, even with a Bluesy soul that I didn’t expect.

This is a real evolution from the Manne Semiacustica, with different very specific features of its own. All I can do is to thank those who built an instrument that achieves the essential meaning of making music: express our own soul.

Grazie, Mr. Manne! “

Davide Borghi-ALBIREON

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