New bass piezo Bridge

In February 2012, I did a post about a new Acoustibass bridge. Well.. I am back again with another new Acoustibass-VibraBass bridge. The look is very similar to previous version, but the layout of the undersaddle piezo is different and the most exciting news is the material is different.
Applying, once again, my ideas that, due to their specific qualities, some uncommon materials work much better on instruments than traditional material, I found the perfect (at least the perfect in 2014!) material for the piezo bridges. The qualities of this new material are perfect and the resulting sound quality is stunning. And just applying it to old instruments gave a great big step ahead to the previous sound.
I realized the first Acoustibass prototype in August ’94. The Acoustibass tone was selected a decade ago for sound libraries for Computer sequencing programs software for its beauty and originality. But it looks like I can go further. Daniele Camarda described this new feature as giving a sub-bass nature to the sound, but also much more than that. I developed a special circuit for him which turned out to be very special.

So stay tuned. I am working on a new model that will probably be ready early in 2015.

And about the sound of VibraBass and Acoustibass, and explaining how I get it (with custom designed bridge and with internal dumping of the top vibrations, see /ideas at tone block):  I got one of the best compliment at the Holy Grail Guitar Show in Berlin: “…thanks for putting out fresh ideas into the bass community!”

This is really something unexpected. Is not easy for most people to recognize and fully realize why I work so hard to achieve new ideas at Manne. To get better results. But this compliment is really the reward.

The best reward I can get.

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