My manne bass experience

“I’m Francesco Cinquepalmi. I’m a jazz oriented bass-doublebass player from Bari (Italy) with thirty years of experience, with some records and various good quality projects.

It was sometime that I matured a necessity to renew and refresh my music, starting from looking a new tone search into a more developed and sophisticated instrument.

My playing was stuck to my old Jazz bass and a nice Stingray, two classic with a good contemporary reference tone.

So I started a deep search thru all the sorrounding musical instruments shops testing available instruments. But I was never convinced either conquest by any instrument in particular.

The market and the availability offer just models that are heavily marketed so it is so usual that you are forced to buy the basses out on the shop windows that are the same as you see on TV and in the hands of fellows musicians.

Helped by internet I went thru all bassmakers, thru their demonstrating videos and their “special offers”. I was trying to balancing the curiosity, the “not so sure about it” and the budget so I also considered in buying a bass handcrafted by an artisan.

After a search in forum, magazine reviews, bass specialists and images of national and international products I was hit by the particular aesthetic of Manne instruments that I already knew but never tested.

I visited the site and immediately contacted the company in the person of Mr. Ballarin that gave all his availability and patience, but most of all he was able to understand and translate my not too clear yet idea of what would has become my new bass.

After a detailed analysis, also thanks to all Manne website information on features and model’s features, my orientation cleared the woods and the electronics to choose as well as the model more near to my requests.

After negotiating the start of the order with Mr. Ballarin, it was possible to receive pictures of the making of the bass.

After some more than 5 weeks the bass (the masterpiece!) was ready.


Well… I received my Mojave Satin Special-5 in natural colour in his nice gigbag in a sturdy carton. What a day!

The instrument presents strikingly, with a rare and beautiful poplar top and a finish that enhances the beauty of the wood.

The neck in a natural maple offers a great and comfortable playability. The fretboard in resin offering a sleek and fast feel.


The test on my Ampeg was readily convincing.

I found easily and fast a good tone, effective, clear and rich of harmonics but with a warm and full body.

After ten minutes of testing it, I understood that I was dealing with……a sky-hi level instrument fully responding to my expectations, comfortable and versatile.

A great bass, still to fully discover.

I thank again Mr. Manne for making this masterpiece, inspired by his passion for his beautifull job, experience and (and I am sure of that) for love of the music.”

Francesco Cinquepalmi

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