Mats Hedberg

Mats Hedberg writes columns monthly in the No.1 Italian guitar magazine “Chitarre” from May and beyond! This month’s article is about the special Manne Ventura MH11 With Anders Thidells true temperament fretting system. If you can speak italian check out lesson on-line.

Mats column on the magazine is called “Manic Pressure”

From 3 April to 8 July, there will be a photo exhibition, Via Nazionale, Roma of Arturo Ghergo photos 1930-1959. The exibition will have documentary Mats Hedberg’s Music.

Mats also toured Europe in May with Elisabeth Cutler. They played at Milano, Berlin, Vienna and Prague. Mats used a
Mannedesign ORS Acoustic with Truetemperament fretting system.

CD Amnesty International published a CD including three of Mats’s tracks in a duo performance with Mats Hedberg on guitar and voice, and Giovanni Imparato on percussion and voice using Manne ORS Acoustic with Truetemperament fretting system and the amazing EBOW!!


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