Horea on his Mannes

Andrea. The guitar came to me in good condition thank you!

So. Speaking about the finish. (the new satin semigloss)

It looks as beautiful as the last finish I had on this Taos bolt-on guitar…But more sensitive to touch, more joyfull to look at and the most important more human

I will not use AMAZING word in this review..because nobody would belive me.

I have another Taos Special set-neck with high gloss finish. Is marvelous, but if I have to choose between them..I would play with the satin semi-gloss guitar and showcase with the high gloss guitar.

Because, as you know I am full Manne electric on stage and if something happens or I feel to change the guitar, IT MUST BE A MANNE.

I have Ventura, Semiacustica and also Manne Trea Bass. I Have a Ventura Baritone with sycamore body wood, So i guess I am a good critic for your guitars

Manne is dangerous. Once you “get laid ” with one you want all the collection. Because in my oppinion is ORIGINAL and sexy as hell

From the point of view of sound, I am always was looking after a guitar not as a stratocaster or a les paul. Something in between.

The Satin Taos is like a Power strat “BUT WITHOUT ANNOYING too much high frequencies”…that I hate in a stratocaster.

Here I must tell everybody that I apologies for advice … As you grow older, as you play more and more on high gain amps and Class A amps, you go deaf and then more deaf.

The high freq dissapear from you ear spectrum..so you look after a “Brilliant tone guitar”- but this doesnt mean your tone quest goes in a correct direction.

So you begin to Like a very pitch freq stratocaster-because you are no more able to hear the right freq

For 8 years I am using earplugs at my concerts and rehearsal rooms. I am working as musical producer, so I guess I conserved my ears pretty well.

The satin Taos bolt-on has the right frequencies for a woody sounding guitar and for a healthy human ear.

The High Gloss Taos, being a set-neck instrument and using older and not as responsive pickups as the new models has the right freq also.

Yes I was laughing hearing that the 2 guitars are almost alike, but the quicker response came from the Satin Bolt-On Taos

But you need also something sweet sounding and good healthy tone-guitar on stage for the clean and not selfish sounding parts at your songs maybe. So as you already bought a Taos, why not buying another one with the same pickup configuration, the same body shape, neck shape and action BUT WITH a CLEARLY Different VOICE?

I had problems on the stage not using the same brand.

I had Gibson (too selfish and non-friendly sounding guitars – in a band is no place for other health-canada-pharmacy.com instrument or other guitar if you play a Les Paul) .

I had PRS (better than Gibson but they obtain the sound from the thickness and the stiffnes of the Neck) and many more guitars, but every time taking my Manne Taos or Ventura or Semiacustica feels like HOME.

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