Happy Bass Player

When I decided to order my bass at Manne, I knew I would receive a very nice instrument. Instead I received a masterpiece.
I will not spend too many words on the absolute beauty, the charm of the wood, the fine craftsmanship up to standards of a goldsmith, or the beautiful finish. I wish to tell you about the fundamental fact you expect from such an instrument: that it sound good.
Manne built into the bass, one thousand basses. The versatility is incredible: dialing between pickup configurations, balance and eq, I can get so many sounds, as if I would have many different instruments.
And that B!.. a depth, a thickness, harmonic contents and incredible sustain on all notes! (at the end of songs I need to dump the vibrating strings to let them stop).
But that doesn’t mean it is a dark sound; it is bright and rich. Dialing with pickup controls, I can get to the point where it looks like I can count the vibration of the string, and the “soft bells” on the D and G strings that I like so much!
The fretboard is perfect, handy and sleek , perfectly sized, it gives the optimal grab in any position and any string.
A technical note not insignificant: The build is so accurate that the do-it-yourself setup is easy, effective, perfect. Perfect crazy intonation on all notes, from first to 24th fret.
Still … I cannot express properly about it. You need to play it. … and you would never give it up.
Thanks Manne

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