Florio Pozza

Being a friend of Florio, it’s difficoult to describe him giving a complete idea of the man and his music. Born and raised in wild and big sky Australia, he moved to Italy as teenager. His persona is a mixture of the culture of his Italian parents and his native Australia. He is a true melt pot that left no boundary between these two very different cultures.

Florio has a way of making music based more on inner inpulse and strong expressions than flashy or intricate construction. Culture expressed thru a primordial attitude, sincere, strong communicative energy. He moves from blues to jazzy tunes, covers and even tango often playing guitar while playing the digiridoo with circular breathing technique. He calls its bluesy side Digiriblues.

Accordo, one of the biggest Italian music web portals, interview Florio in a video shot here at the Manne shop. It’s in Italian but there is good music to hear.


The article is here https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=oaGGpUagyUw

Florio plays a Manne OSR-V Acoustic and is currently recording some of his Digiriblues music.

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