Corina Minda

Korina is not just our favorite body wood, but now also Corina is our favorite model for basses pictures!

“First of all, I want to get acquainted with everyone who reads this article.
Certainly we have that wonderful thing in common: music !…probably the best medicine for body&soul. In any color or shape it could be, music can create a special and atypical connection between people. So, welcome among my friends!

Although I am at the beginning in addressing the guitar, particularly the bass guitar, my life took place in a world where people breathe only music! It is the most valuable motivation to continue. Until 2-3 years ago, it was just satisfactory for me to watch a concert, feel the vibrations of strings from a corner offstage, asking
for an autograph … and then, continue my dream, but home…

Yeah, although there were many obstacles, I decided, however, it was time to take action and to dare dreaming myself on a stage! I come from a family that puts so much emphasis on education. Therefore, my parents agreed from the beginning that
I am wasting my time with the music. As much as disappointing as more as challenging!
Medicine, which I am currently studying, takes the first place, in their vision. Anyway, we all know how the human brain works: When you are told ‘not do that’, you always act the opposite. Having some musician friends, I had an open gate to get my fingers on the `strings test`.

My first love was the guitar, that’s right! But the road took a strange turn!
A friend which was looking for a bass player for his metalcore band, proposed me to join him, despite he knew my beginner level.
A real challenge! … obviously, it ended with a lot of sparks and anger. Just as we all know that the rehearsal room can be transformed instantly in a volcanic crater. At the moment it’s so funny to remember the whole story, though that time it seemed tragic.

… One more deception, one more `slap` for me, but life goes on. Slap-pop, pop-slap! haha.
In time, I made new friends in this complicated music world, some of them closer, others less.
One of them gave me a beautiful gift-a custom made bass guitar. Really nice, but didn’t invest in it so much that it could sound as expected.
It is just a precious symbolic gift.
One day, Horea Crisovan, one of Romania’s most respected guitarists (a Manne Guitars player, as known), also one of my best friends, got the idea that he wants me to take a set of pictures with his Manne bass.
Why not?
Location: A fairly steep hill, dressed totally unsuitable for the area. The photographer (my lovely friend, Manuela) also put a lot of involvement.
But … it was worth it! Why?
Because, besides the fun during the shooting, I had then the opportunity to play on this wonderful instrument.
If I had to choose between a man and a bass, I would definitely choose the second one.
And so…my musical dream goes on…on a huge stage, together with the other half of my personality-most likely a Manne bass!”

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