AcustiVibe Vibe

A few years ago I visited Manne to have my acoustic guitars repaired. I explained to Andrea what I was looking for a new Acoustic guitar but I never found it. A few months later I was back in Manne’s shop and Andrea told me: “Agostino, look I have designed an acoustic/electric and I already sold a couple of them, tell me if you like it.“

That’s just what I was looking for!In any electric guitar I play, the first thing I listen to is its acoustic unamplified tone, and if it responds dynamically respecting the touch of the player. This makes me feel/imagine how the amplified tone will be. This guitar had it all. The piezo at bridge has a perfect balance between the crystal clear traditional piezo tone and the warmth of the wood, without the piezo being harsh or too focused on hi-end bright glassy tones.

I asked Andrea to use for the magnetic at neck something that produces old jazzy tones, smooth and warm. So we had Mama pickups wind a specific pickup that really got it. Now I am fully satisfied.Since I started playing this guitar, I cannot think of any other acoustic that rivals my AcoustiVibe.

Thanks Andrea! Agostino Carbognin

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