Common features:

  • 24 (6110 Dunlop) jumbo frets.
  • 864mm. bass scale (34″).
  • 400mm fretboard radius (15,75″).
  • Thin “F resin” fretboard to give a precise attack without dead notes (info).
  • Double way working truss-rod steel bar, allows favorite neck relief adjustment.
  • Hardened multi laminated neck, made up with 0,8mm. thick wood plies, with Maple sides.
  • Asymmetrical (helicoidal) neck shape for comfortable playing .
  • Tilted back headstock, one piece with the neck.
  • Natural or see-through color available.
  • MANNE pickups (info).

Newport: bolt-on neck.
Weight (kgs):

  • Newport korina 4st: 3,7 , 5st: 4,3
  • Newport Special walnut top : 4st:4,0 ; 5st: 4,5

All our bass necks are made of laminate and maple wings. Necks are one of our original tone recipe to get the most from a passive sound, punchy and with perfect attack.

Newport Satin Special

The newport is our everyday hard working instrument.

A model with solid 6 mm body top with our best striped Walnut, korina body and hand rubbed satin finish, with our new bridge for 4 strings models. And to reduce the weight of the body we drill small chambers just before gluing the top, allowing a better resonance and a faster tone maturation of the instrument.

View all Newport Satin Special basses in our archive.

Newport Satin

This line sports a less worked body that save us some work to give you an incredible value for the money. Newports, more vintage looking than our traditional production, will be well appreciated by who is looking for a no frills, performing, hard and good working instrument.

The korina wood is one of the most appreciated wood for musical instruments construction. His name become legendary since the ’50 as his light weight but consistent texture and good resonance made him perfect choice for tonal and ergonomical performance.

View all Newport Satin basses in our archive.

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