Satin Finish – Hand Rubbed

This kind of finish was developed through the years in our shop and is our own exclusively.
This finish is one of the most appreciated features of our instruments, pleasant to touch, silky smooth, producing a very nice feel, especially on the back of the neck.

With an overall thickness of 0.16 millimeters, it is probably the thinnest guitar finish on the market, but it still offers good protection from moisture changes and scratching. Since it does not interfere with the body wood structure, our hand rubbed finish allows the warm tone of the natural wood to come through, allowing free vibration of the guitar and accelerating the natural benefit of aging to the sound of the instrument.

Available in all Manne colors and standard finish on SATIN and SATIN SPECIAL versions.

Matt finish

This finish consists of a custom catalyzed formula for the base and transparent satin finish layers.
Slightly thicker than the hand rubbed finish type, just the right amount to allow us to dye or stain the wood with a wide range of colors, it offer a greater protection. Various solid satin finish colors are also available.

This is an optimal finish for the most durable wood protection. Matt finish is available on request with an extra charge.

Hi-Gloss Finish

The process for our Hi-Gloss Finish is the result of an original combination of finish systems and thin custom formulated catalyzed materials. This is also an exclusive Manne formula developed over many years of testing.

A problem with many figured solid woods is the difficulty in creating a consistent and durable high gloss surface that is perfectly flat. If less finish is applied to the vertical grain of the wood than to the horizontal grain, this will become visible as the instrument ages, creating a kind of fuzzy surface over time. To avoid this problem, many guitar builders increase the thickness and the hardness of the product, affecting the proper vibration and tone of the wood.

Our custom designed Hi-Gloss finish system is based on matching very thin stratifications of different finish products to obtain an optimal thickness (very thin) but still maintaining a durable shiny finish when the instrument is new, and also over the years as it ages.

Available in all Manne colors and standard finish on GLOSS and GLOSS SPECIAL versions.

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