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New Laser engraver

We have a new laser engraver to write instrument’s specs on the back of headstock. See the video and results.  

Manne’s London Bass show: Ideas and innovations

London Bass show 4-5 March, London. We will exhibit 4 basses that represent our current production. They all carry innovations, original bass making solutions and new sound features: ACOUSTIBASS 5 Acustibass is the result of 30 years of continuous …

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Concept of progress

It is happening more and more often that I stop and wonder about what is supposed to be considered progress. Looks like there is a supposed progress (that is indeed well marketed like that) and a progress I can rely …

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Tone Character of the Electric Guitar

article published on the catalog of 2016 Holy Grail Guitar Show , organized by EGB European Guitar Builders.   It’s a very common opinion among players that the tone of the electric guitar is mostly created and shaped by the pick-ups. And …

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The Manne Difference

I have been privileged to act as the U.S. distributor for Manne Guitars during the past 10+ years. Acting in this role, I have learned many things about the guitar business. Today, there many boutique guitar makers throughout the world. …

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VibraBass Federico Malaman Model

Federico Malaman  is one of the most followed and appreciated bass players worldwide. We have known each other forever and now arrived the moment he needs a very special instrument. It has been the right occasion to share the pleasure …

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Chiara Zancan’s Photoreportage

Photographer Chiara Zancan did a reporting on bass building from the raw boards of wood to the final playing of the instruments. You can see it in his photo gallery. Thanks Chiara!

Comments on an instrument building course

“Being a Jazz bass lover, I attended a building class with Andrea Ballarin, making my Malibu model. So I have now a beautiful instrument, and I had the opportunity to know a nice person, a impressionist of the highest level, …

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New piezo

The Manne Acoustibass, Semiacustica, Acustivibe, Vibrabass and Woody models have something in common: the piezo transducer. Our piezo transducer is made especially for Manne by the guru Michael Tauber. The first model was created around ’96: a piezo flexible coaxial …

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Trussrod access

New layout for the trussrod access at the headstock. There is now more space for the key action, making adjustments easier without risk of damaging the finish.