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Report on the woody phantom bass

“The Woody Phantom 5 has just an essential piezo–electric pickup, Phantom–powered. Controls are: Volume, Passive Tone, Resistence Load Control, and a 6–way selector for the high-cut. The result is great: total control of tone, perfect balance between frequencies, lows and …

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Comments on an instrument building course

“Being a Jazz bass lover, I attended a building class with Andrea Ballarin, making my Malibu model. So I have now a beautiful instrument, and I had the opportunity to know a nice person, a impressionist of the highest level, …

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Horea and his Acustivibe nylon

Horea Crisovan did a videodemo for his new Acustivibe nylon. The recording combines the two signals from the direct out of the Schertler Jam 200 amp and a mic in front of it.

Denis Valieri videos

Two nice video by Denis Valieri with the T-bone and Ventura Baritone.

Guitar for Sightless

Valentino Valente asked me to build an instruments that perfectly fit his needs. After letting him try many options like set-neck or bolt-on neck, light or heavy body woods, longer or shorter string scales, various pick-up configurations, we finally got to the definition …

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Happy Bass Player

When I decided to order my bass at Manne, I knew I would receive a very nice instrument. Instead I received a masterpiece. I will not spend too many words on the absolute beauty, the charm of the wood, the …

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“Feel it” Videos

Two more videos from Videomaker Francesco Sandonà of the Manne “Feel It” video series are now online. Steve Saluto : and Mauro Natali The idea was letting the customers talk about their “Manne experience” as they would tell …

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Horea and Acustivibe

A beautiful Horea Crisovan video gives a great example of the Manne AcustiVibe’s nature and possibilities. This specific model is designed to give a ready, efficent, credible acoustic guitar tone, avoiding all the hassles and problems with fragile acoustic guitars. …

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Pontus with the Falcon

I have now had my Falcon T for a couple of years and those who know me, know that I am a total LP freak when it comes to electric guitars. Since I have lately also been playing other styles …

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Feel it

Francesco Sandonà is a young and talented filmmaker who will create a few video episodes for Manne. The idea was letting the customers talk about their “Manne experience” as they would tell to friends or interested people. So the video …

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