Manne for Soundwave distribution

SWD is a new line of Manne instruments, produced from scratch in our shop in Schio, Italy, which will be distributed in brick and mortar shops by Soundwave distribution. Although sold at a [...]


Article (in Italian) of Cats – Mensile del Giornale di Vicenza cats

Tone of electrical circuits

Interview with Michael Tauber-Atelier der Tonkust. Do the features of components of the guitar circuit, we are talking about cables, pots, capacitor, shielding, circuit layout, affects the tone [...]

Guitar prices and artisanal values

Here is a nice video from Juha Ruogangas on the subject of guitar prices: There are many great points both for guitar makers and for guitarists. Here is my comment on [...]

Double Contact Input Jack

When I saw this jack connector I thought: “that’s smart!” So this is the new double contact connector we are now using for all mono outputs. The double contacts provide for a stable [...]


Manne started producing guitars with CNC in the ’90’s with the Bolty model. At that time we had a steel fabrication shop in our area making pre-worked parts for us. This year I decided I [...]


Federico Malaman asked us for a fretted Vibrabass 32” . Here is the live-on-facebook test he did when he came to pickup the bass!!

Marco Fanton

Marco Fanton demos here are demos done by Marco Fanton with Line 6 Helix – Acoustic Patch with IR with the Acustivibe and with the T-bone


SHADOWSIDE – ALIVE (Official video), taken from the new album SHADES OF HUMANITY (2017). Preview the full album at…

Tiger Series

Manne announces a new line of instruments: Tiger Series, the finest and most exclusive Manne instrument series ever built. “…as bold and purposeful as a Ferrari.” Art Thompson, [...]

It works!

New video for Matteo Brigo and his Taos. “It Works” looks like the reprise of Frankenstein Junior and the location is the manne shop! Recorded, mixed and mastered by Alex de Rosso [...]

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