acoustibass 6

Common features:

  • 24 (6110 Dunlop) jumbo frets.
  • 864mm. bass scale (34″).
  • 400mm fretboard radius (15,75″).
  • Thin “F resin” fretboard to give a precise attack without dead notes (info).
  • Double way working truss-rod steel bar, allows favorite neck relief adjustment.
  • Hardened multi laminated neck, made up with 0,8mm. thick wood plies, with Maple sides.
  • Asymmetrical (helicoidal) neck shape for comfortable playing .
  • Tilted back headstock, one piece with the neck.
  • Natural or see-through color available.
  • MANNE pickups (info).

Acoustibass: hollow body, set-in neck, weight 3,5 kg (4 strings) 4,1 kg (5 strings).


…Spacious design with gloriously rich tones…

Guitarist Magazine, UK, February 2001

All our bass necks are made of laminate and maple wings. Necks are one of our original tone recipe to get the most from a passive sound, punchy and with perfect attack.


There is a simple beauty about this bass that is difficult to fully appreciate until you see it in the flesh. The swallow neck profile is both comfortable and pratical for this five-stringer and the fretboard feels extra smooth beneath the fingers. The Acoustibass covers the Pino Palladino and Jaco Pastorius distinctive sounds well and a lot more besides thanks to the almost double bass-sounding acoustic tone wich, of course, isn’t usually associated with a solid body bass. If you want something a little out of the ordinary, this bass has an elegance and beauty that almost defines it as an art form…. This Acoustibass boasts a gloriously rich range of tones from pleasingly simple layout.
Guitarist UK, February 2001

For Classic fretless tone-blooming, expressive notes with low-end depth and midrange complexity- the Manne is a excellent performer.
Bass Player March 2004


This is a semi-hollow instrument, with an acoustic chamber under the bridge. The strings pass through the body and then over a saddle with a Piezo element. Then we added a magnetic pick-up in the bridge position that adds a new mellow tone. A very simple circuit, volume balance and tone, gives a broad spectrum of sounds, going from a dark, woody double bass sound, to a crisp biting sound. An unusual Bass response with character and originality.

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